SMS Marketing

SMS, an abbreviation for Short Message Service, is also known as text messaging. Mobile devices are now not limited to just making phone calls and with more than 85% of the total population using mobile phones, SMS marketing is one of the most direct mediums of marketing your products, services, new launches, special offers and more. SMS marketing has proven to be extremely effective for most businesses as they are able to offer impromptu deals to their customers because an SMS is delivered instantly.

Also, as users normally carry their mobiles with them everywhere, your marketing message is sure to reach your audience. The chances of your intended client reading a marketing message also increase through SMS as it is short and concise.

At iDreamBiz, we employ a web-based two-way Bulk SMS Service, bringing together the speed of the internet and the ubiquity of the mobile phone, to offer an interactive and cost effective Bulk SMS platform for varied organizations. Our SMS Marketing Solutionsenable business communication over the mobile, create new customer touch points for your company and provide a cost effective platform for interacting with a wider audience in a very short span of time.

What We Do

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SMS Push Search
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SMS Pull Search

What We Do

  • SMS Push Services
  • SMS Result Solutions
  • SMS IOD Solution
  • SMS Survey
  • SMS Mobile Coupon Code Solution
  • SMS Polling/Voting Solution