Social Media Optimization(SMO)

Social Media Optimization (SMO) refers to the technique of optimizing or filtering your website so that your content, and brand awareness are easily spread through social mediums and online communities by users and visitors of the website. In other words, it allows you to make your website more visible to social media users who are increasingly exponentially day by day. One of the most common example is the use of various social media icons on websites to ensure that the user can quickly share the content, discussion, or responses on your websites with their friends on various social media sites.

Social media optimization is becoming increasingly important for search engine optimization and thereby helps in making your easily searchable and rank top in most of the search engines. Search engines are now increasingly utilizing the recommendations of users of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to rank pages in the search engine result pages. So when a webpage from your site is shared or “liked” by a user on a social media, it counts as a “vote” for the webpage. Each votes is counted while evaluating your websites rank by the search engines. So if you invite users into your website conversation rather than merely broadcasting a message, and if the content gains more and more “likes”, the chances of improving your site ranking is higher. If you apply Social Media optimization techniques aptly, you can attract traffic from both social media sites and search engines. The ultimate goal is to bring your fans to your social media page.

Facebook Optimization

Why it is important to optimize your Facebook profile?

This must be a question in your mind too, after all Facebook is a site where we connect to mostly our friends and family.  However, whether you know it or not, your network on social media plays a vital role in achieving you top search rankings. Social media optimization is about making your content spread and let as many people as possible to view your content. We set-up and optimize your Facebook profile in a way that creates traffic and link value, and thereby helps to grow your search engine rankings.

Twitter Optimization

Why it is important to optimize your Twitter profile?

Like Facebook, Twitter also gives you opportunity to connect with your prospective customers. Twitter is an amazing and powerful site where you can promote your business, extend the reach of your brand to potential customers and make a relationship with them. You can share your views, thoughts and at the same time connect with your industries leaders and stay updated as what they have to say about current market trends. However to ensure that your customers and leaders connect with you, your profile should be optimized accordingly. In case you are thinking how to do it, we are there to set-up and optimize your Twitter profile.

Linkedin Optimization

Have you optimized your LinkedIn profile and employed the new design and look, featured by LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the professional social network site and is very effective for promoting your business and B2B conversion. And now with the new layout it is much easier for people to find, follow and engage with your Company Page. If you have not optimized your site and made use of these new features, you are losing on the advantage, LinkedIn is providing for you to build your brand and expand your professional network. In case you are thinking how to do it, we are there to set-up and optimize your LinkedIn page.

Google+ Optimization

Why it is important to optimize your Google+ profile?

It’s more important than ever to make sure your Google+ profile and page are optimized to support your business goals so you can extend your marketing reach. Similar to LinkedIn, certain fields of your Google+ profile feed into search results. The best way to be found is to repeat relevant keywords that apply to you or your industry. It should be noted that queries seem to favor the verified, which is only possible if Google reaches out to you directly (if you’ve been added in a large number of circles).

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