What exactly is an HTML email?

1) Have you received any promotional or marketing offer related email recently?

2) Does the well formatted text, captivating images, easy to use Call-for-Action button grabs your attention?

3) Was the branding of the company clear and concise?

4) Would you have spent more time on the same email if it was presented in a plain text format?

If you are answer is YES for the top three questions, then you happen to have received an HTML email.

But what exactly is an HTML email?

HTML emails has become an essential part of the marketing plan for most of the businesses. It helps you to express your imaginations and convey your message in a more effective manner. HTML email is like a webpage with use of proper tables, HTML tags, columns, CSS and graphics to present your content in a professional, attractive and well formatted manner.

If you are worried about coding such HTML pages, then our HTML email templates can serve your purpose. We provide customized email templates for our clients, which are ready to use. These templates can be used for multiple types of emails and with the use of various options provided in the template you can redefine the email design easily in few steps. So with the same template you can have a new email design each time. You can be relieved that templates provided by us will work with all the email clients as they are thoroughly tested before delivering it to you.

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Types of Template

Marketing offers and promotio
Marketing offers and promotion
Events and Seminars
Events and Seminars
Products and Service
Products and Services
Sequential emails
Sequential emails
Internal emails
Internal emails
Excited Let's Talk
give us a ring
write to us
video chat with us
have us call you
leave your details

We provide HTML templates which are:

  • Simple to use
  • Reusable for multiple emails
  • Engaging with use of proper colour themes and graphics
  • Displays across various email clients
  • Coded with tracking option
  • Good branding opportunities

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