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  • Calendar Planning

    'She is truly the moon among the stars', Captain Space thought to himself as he spotted Dr. Ray at a common friend's birthday party. He was having a good time until a conversation with another friend reminded him of the hard time he had been having in managing the email campaigns for his website. Captain Space was frustrated at this thought, but Team iDreamBiz, like always, came to his rescue and briefed him about the miracles of “calendar planning”.

    He was wandering like a Lone Ranger, when he came to us with all his queries and some spinach.

    So when iDreamBiz took charge of the same, they adopted a well-thought out, methodical and practical approach to automate & schedule the campaigns, and then implementing changes on next campaigns by tracking customer activity & behaviour. Their hard work soon bore fruit and our Captain was all smiles again!

    Our marketing and sales strategies are based on the time, seasons, days and even demographic locations. For instance, in the month of November and December, when U.S. is observing the holiday season, we plan our campaign accordingly. On Thanksgiving, apart from sending customers the regular emails, we send them additional discounts and coupons. This process continues even after thanksgiving and helps in generating extra business and sales.

    The demographic factors are very important while designing our marketing and sales strategy. During winter, places under the EST time zone observe a temperature of as low as 5°C, so selling fur coats to customers is a clever marketing strategy which we would not apply for those in the PST time zone. Thus, all these factors are taken into consideration to better the client’s business prospects.

    “We Plan Your Campaign So That you Can Plan Your Holiday’s”

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    Calendar Planning - How we do it.

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