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    Specific Solution

    At idreambiz, we have the expertise to build and develop industry specific websites and portals.

    We are successfully addressing the website design and development needs of various companies belonging to different industry segments. By making use of our in-house Intelly CMS, we create dynamic and responsive websites that offer high functionality and complete ease-of-use. Furthermore, you can always choose to add more pages according to your needs and requirements.

    Banking and Finance

    The ultimate motive of any e-commerce website is simple: maximizing online sales. By making use of comprehensive strategies, user-friendly designs, payment and processing module integration and mobile optimization, we meet the varied needs of our clients by successfully blending the front-end buyer experience with tangible back-office business operations.

    News and Media

    At idreambiz, we have the ability and experience to design and develop media-centric websites that incorporate specific features to serve your target audience. We have successfully created websites for various organizations in the media field such as news networks, publishing houses, multimedia portals and the like. Our websites work seamlessly with your business to create an environment that allows you to efficiently manage each and every aspect of your media house

    Transport and Logistics

    When it comes to transport and logistics companies, it is very important to build an effective website that meets the demands of the customers. At idreambiz, we make the use of exceptional technology to create websites that have full functionality with a host of features that include maps and schedules, trip planners, transit trackers and emergency alerts, amongst many others. We also offer a seamless, secure and fully integrated payment gateway for any and all transactions.


    Healthcare has always been one of the fastest growing industries. Patients are very engaged in their healthcare decisions and turn to the internet for research, diagnosis and eventual recovery. Subsequently, the websites of hospitals and other medical practitioners should serve as an educational resource as well as for pharmaceutical retail. We can build an easy-to-use website that checks both these parameters with the help of our robust, in-house Intelly CMS.


    In today’s world, thousands of tourists are making their travel plans online. The websites that we build for the travel and tourism industry enable users to browse and opt for tour and travel packages, and contact booking agents from anywhere in the world. Want your website to feature a holiday planner? Sure. We have varied modules built specifically for the tourism industry.

    Real Estate

    Customers who are looking for a property have vastly different search preferences. Our custom real estate websites provide multiple ways to filter and view search results. Our custom real estate modules allow the integration of maps that display the geographical location of all properties. Another crucial attribute of the real estate websites built by us is the complete multimedia representation of the properties on sale. Ofcourse, you can also list the services of builders, brokers and other real estate related service portals.


    If you are a manufacturer of any product, a website is the perfect platform to mark your presence and connect with buyers from all over the world. At idreambiz, we develop manufacturing-specific websites that help showcase your brand online and eventually drive sales. We strongly believe that the online success of a manufacturing company depends on an attractive and fully functional website design that allows users to buy your products with a single click of the button.


    Education is one of the most basic and primary drivers of progress. Irrespective of whether you need a website that enables you to sell books online or whether you are offering online tutorial classes, we have all the solutions. We build educational websites using our easy-to-manage Intelly CMS, which allows fast and easy updating. Furthermore, we have the ability to integrate various features such as event calendars, document uploads, newsletters and RSS feeds on your educational website.

    Staffing and Consultation Services

    At idreambiz, we have the expertise to create fully functional and user-friendly websites for consultants from many different fields. From lawyers to chartered accountants, and even the IT industry, we create websites for varied individuals and organizations who want to put forth their consulting services to their potential clients. In addition to this, we have also successfully built websites for many HR agencies and consultants who provide the full spectrum of staffing services for corporations. Our feature-laden websites ensure the effective process of selection, engagement and management to provide a viable platform for professional development all around.

    Miscellaneous Services

    In today’s world, it is vital that your website not only showcases your services optimally, but also acts as a marketing platform for you and keeps your recurring clients informed at all times while making new prospects aware of your business. At idreambiz, we combine our web development and design expertise with extensive marketing strategies to create websites that increase your client base and overall sales. We have successfully created websites for a host of varied service providers such as florists, beauticians, event planners, interior designers and the like.

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