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    Captain Space was on cloud nine after having successfully launched his website. He thought that he had achieved everything for his business and was ready to propose to Dr. Ray but a conversation with his dear friend, Lt. Hubble, who asked him about his Post campaign management strategy made him restless. It was as if his spaceship had been hit by a meteor. Thus, our captain not knowing anything about post campaign management, came straight to Team iDreamBiz with some of his website merchandise.

    Post Campaign Management involves the study of the campaign to understand whether it is accomplishing the objectives that you have set out to achieve and to serve as input of how well it’s doing. Post Campaign management helps generate re-buzz around your website.

    1. Re-evaluate the impact and receptiveness to a campaign

    2. Ensure whether the campaign transmitted or delivered the intended message

    3. Breaking down and understanding the emotional and functional benefits it delivers

    4. Understand and then test a campaign’s call to action

    5. Zooming into a larger audience

    6. Zenith of social success

    “Retaining 100% of your customers might be unrealistic but releasing more than 25% of your existing customers will not be termed as clever. Following tools, if applied properly, can lead to better client engagement and recurring revenue -

    SEO of Website

    Lt. Hubble was truly a grounding factor in Captain Space’s life because even though the latter’s website had done exceedingly well at the launch (it had met all the sales targets), he advised his friend to approach Team iDreamBiz to have a thorough analysis of the reports which would further help in boosting his sales.

    We first try to understand our client’s demographic reach.

    Secondly, your website might be drawing more users from one gender group. This is not really considered a good business practice and can have an adverse effect on your sales. We, at iDreamBiz, devise new ways so that your brand has a universal appeal. Tracking the age group among in which your website is popular is very crucial in driving traffic towards your website. For instance, there are often scenarios where people that fall into the 21-25 age bracket are more frequent visitors of your website than people in the 26-30 age group. Keeping this in mind, we devise techniques to attract people in the 2nd age group and at the same time ensure that customers in the 21-25 age bracket continue to come back on our website.

    “A website without SEO is a river without water”

    Understanding your demographic reach is the first inferences you should draw. It simply means that the popularity of your website across the globe. Your website might be scaling very well in one place and is dead like a mummy in other. Analyzing this and then changing your strategy to expand more in those areas should be your first priority.


    After achieving a good online presence, Captain Space had been feeling like the king of the jungle. His website, social media pages and posts were being liked by his subscribers.

    Understanding customer review is the very first step in SMO. Timely reply, answering customer queries and taking their feedback helps in improving your website reputation and online traffic.

    We plan your marketing strategy according to the reception of your posts. This practice ultimately contributes to more sales and an increased ROI.

    Most users are active on social media and therefore SMO is a powerful tool to promote your business. We help your website get good reviews from people which consequently boosts your company’s reputation online.

    We are skilled at aligning SEO keywords with Social Media which helps your website rank better in keyword searches on Google and leads to an increase in website visibility across the internet and more page views.


    “Marketing is The Cake & Remarketing is the Icing on It”

    Though Captain Space was happy to see the website ads across various platforms he was eager to study the effects of re-marketing on his brand. Repeatedly looking at your ad not only instigates your users to click on it and buy the product, but also contributes to your word of mouth publicity. Moreover, the budget of remarketing is one fourth of that of PPC, so it’s a cheap and effective alternative to increase your ROI.

    "You watch it once but Remarketing will make sure that you see it Twice"

    Sending your users to the same page every time results in loss of interest, sales and users. Instead of showing them the same old page, we create a variation of the original landing page and provide new content or a slightly different design, another layout or anything else that would convince the visitor to make a purchasing decision. Keeping an account of these strategies and taking the necessary steps which may include changing your budget, understanding users mind and his preferences should be incorporated as soon as possible.

    Video Marketing

    “Videos keep your users entertained and informed about your website”

    A video posted on Captain Space’s website was trending on social media which helped improve his sales. Thus, a good video boosts your conversion rates, increases your SEO ranking and maximizes your social media approach. Rectifying your video response can help you in understanding your customers’ expectations and their preferences while buying something from your website. This helps in building trust, in retaining your users and in targeting new users.

    “Improve Your Video Content to Enhance Your Website Popularity”

    We make your content appealing and interactive, which keeps your users’ curiosity alive and your bank account running. We develop content that is universal and caters to every age group which helps in attracting new users and in turn more business. One of the reasons for declining popularity of your video can be attributed to your content not being shared across all platforms. We, at iDreamBiz, ensure that your video content is shared regularly.

    “A Website without a Video is a House without Foundation”

    Your video traffic can also help you recognize the area or demographic region where it is popular. Planning your next video by taking these factors into consideration will definitely boost your area of operation and result in a positive ROI. So, ultimately the manner in which we manage your video content not only gives you the required traffic and business but at the same time builds an emotional connect and understanding with your audience.


    Searching for ‘Space’ on Google was attracting users to our captain’s website.

    Google AdWords play a very crucial role in ranking your website on top of google search and ensuring your ads reach the targeted audience.

    “PPC Should work for you as Profitable Planned Campaign”

    We analyze the data from AdWords which is very crucial in planning your marketing strategy for the future. Right from click-through rate, quality score, ranking and budget, there are many factors that need to be considered while developing your campaign. We work towards changing the negative keywords that are not performing well and retaining those doing exceptionally well for your website. Creating a separate list for future reference can definitely enhance your PPC campaign. You might also consider the option of pausing keywords with poor performance, thereby saving a great amount of budget which can be allocated to some other campaign. All this adds to focusing on quality rather than quantity.

    “Giving You Quality is The Best Kind of Marketing We Offer”

    PPC is the game of budget and you should not mess with it. This simply means, if your campaign costs more than what you earn from a new lead, then you’re not using your budget wisely. We keep track of your CPC (Cost per Conversion) to learn how to improve your campaign. We use the data from this metric to adjust your strategies and reinvest on what works and what doesn’t.

    Bounce Rate is measured by the number of visitors who visited your site and left without responding to your call to action.

    “We Commit To Perfection, Not To Mistakes”

    If your campaign has a high Bounce Rate, it means that you’re targeting a wider audience, a good number of which are simply not interested in what you’re offering. We monitor the campaign in order to make sure that proper changes were implemented and that the performance is trending in the right direction. Understanding PPC is not very difficult if you get on board with us. We possess the knowledge, skills and experience to take your business forward in a budget-friendly way which ensures that your website’s presence is felt across the seven kingdoms.

    "Budget, Profit & Performance is How Our Clients Define Us"

    We make you e-Visible