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    John, our fitness junkie, was thrilled at the prospect of creating his own website which would promote healthy living among people. John spent hours surfing the internet hunting for organizations that could assist him with the same until he came across ‘idreambiz’. Several reviews had people swearing by the competence, professionalism and expertise of the team and John was more than intrigued.

    At idreambiz, we follow a strategic, methodical approach to deliver the best in ui/ux design services. We undertake extensive ‘research’ to understand the requirements of the client, his target audience, market and competitors.


    UX Design

    Visual Design

    QA Testing



    Understanding client expectations enables us to deliver as per his/her vision. It involves setting up of goals and objectives which sets the foundation for design and content.

    Target Audience

    In order to be able to design the website better, it is important to understand the target audience - the people who the client wishes to engage with through his website.

    Market Research

    Understanding consumer needs and preferences is vital to website development.


    In this case, John’s competitors would be entrepreneurs owning websites catering to health and fitness. Knowing your competition, not only motivates you to deliver something better but also gives you an idea as to what works in the area that you are aiming to make a mark in.

    User Experience Design

    Solving Problems

    This involves developing icons that are user-friendly and assist them in solving their problems.


    Creating an archetype of the final product so that we can have an idea about the ‘look’ or ‘layout’ of the website is known as prototyping.

    User Testing

    After the prototype has been created, the various icons are tested for their functionality and smoothness of operation.

    Notification Strategy

    To notify the user of the various options that would lead him/her to the desired icon or page within the website is what comes under ‘notification strategy'.

    Visual Design

    Visual References

    A website with a greater visual appeal is sure to make an impact on the user and therefore the layouts of a number of websites are considered (to decide on the color palette etc) before zeroing in on one layout for the client’s website.

    UI Concepts

    This involves analysis of how the website would look on a mobile, laptop and desktop.


    Animations are built into a website to give it that edge over other websites that target a similar audience. Browsing through websites can often be an arduous job, especially when the user is looking for something very specific.


    To finalize on the product so developed, it is important that it be tested to see if all the features are in place and working effectively.

    We make you e-Visible