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    Expected Email Template Design Trends for 2019

    Expected Email Template Design Trends for 2019


    2019 is geared up to be a year when email campaign management will supposedly increase revenues for organizations across all industry verticals. With respect to email templates, you can expect more personalized, customized and interactive emails.

    Recently, an organization of repute conducted a survey to predict and determine the trends that will dominate email template design in 2019. So, what did they find out?

    Expected Email Template Design Trends for 2019

    ·         Focus on Dynamic Content – Nowadays, there is a special focus on email templates having dynamic content that enables personalization through AI. The emergence and advancement of AI technology demands that marketers tailor the content of their emails at a scale and state of preciseness that was otherwise impossible before.

    ·         Interactive Emails – Business organizations are realizing the potential of interactive emails with increased functionalities. For instance, clicking on stars to review a product or service from the email itself. Interactive emails will only grow as a trend with ESPs offering email template designs the users can interact with.

    ·         The Use of AI and Machine Learning – AI and Machine Learning make it a breeze to conduct various tasks on an email like optimizing sending times, giving product recommendations, picking relevant subject lines automatically and much more. Although not there yet, AI-driven elements will definitely form a huge part of email template design in the coming future.

    ·         More Live Content – Emails with live content that gets loaded at the time when the email is opened makes the email more relevant to a user even if they don’t open the email immediately.
    Practical uses range from real-time countdown clocks for sales and other promotions, weather information, inventory, pricing and product data, live polls and results and a whole lot more.

    ·         Simplicity for Easier Creation and Consumption – More and more people are using their mobile phones to access their emails. The use of mobile internet is driving the demand for simpler email designs that are more efficient. The focus on the attractive style of email templates if gradually shifting towards pushing content that can be easily grasped and related to by the end-user.

    ·         Use of More Animation – As a thumb rule, animations make most subscribers take more notice of an email. Animations can really grab the attention of users and creativity can pay a lot of dividends. The only thing that needs to be paid attention to is that the email should load quickly without any lengthy load times because of the animations present.

    ·         Multi-channel Email Campaign Coordination – Email marketing is soon becoming a part of an organization’s multi-channel marketing efforts. In such a scenario, it becomes vital that there is a solid coordination between the emails that your send out, and the other channels that you are using to market your products and services.


    Email templates have always changed and revolutionized as time has passed. 2019 is no different and the aforementioned trends can actually be expected to become the norm one fine day.

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