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    The Future of Email Marketing

    The Future of Email Marketing


    What does 2019 have in store for email marketing? What are the best practices that I should start using? Is email campaign management still a thing?

    These are all pertinent questions that every email marketer is thinking about today. Everyone is wondering where is email marketing headed this year – the observations, trends and predictions – everyone wants to know how to go about email marketing and email campaign management in 2019.

    We will try to ascertain the future of email marketing through some of our coming blog posts. As for now, let’s talk about the predictions in email marketing for 2019.

    Email Marketing Predictions for 2019

    ·         Better Customer Experience Through Email Marketing – Marketers are looking towards customer experience email marketing in 2019. By sending out helpful, personalized emails focused on the customers, email marketers want to ensure that they can deliver the best customer experience.

    ·         Predictive Automation – Nowadays, nearly all websites collect massive amounts of user data one way or the other. With all this data about customers in hand, automated emails are to be expected. However, emails will focus on what they can offer to their customers – something that they actually need. Think Amazon suggesting products based on your purchase history.

    ·         Use of AI in Email Marketing – AI will provide new ways for email marketers to target potential customers by increasing the magnitude, personalization and delivery of emails. AI will push the boundaries of email marketing in 2019.

    ·         Privacy of Customers – Privacy is supposed to be the next big thing in email marketing. With so much user personal data at hand, marketers will look to protect the privacy of their targets, while at the same time delivering them better and more useful emails.   

    Expected Changes in Email Marketing

    Successful brand marketers around the globe were asked what they felt would be the biggest changes in the field of email marketing and email campaign management this year as compared to previous years. Here are some of the most common answers:

    ·         The use of AI will lead to a lot of automation in email campaign management.

    ·         Email marketing will become more intelligent. Content will be derived from existing sources and hence there will be less pressure one email marketers to come up with new email content on a daily basis.

    ·         Emails will offer a web-like experience, i.e., shopping, purchasing and other tasks will be achieved from the email itself without having to launch into a web browser.

    ·         Customers will be targeted with highly relevant, personalized content and brands that fail in delivering this won’t get a second chance.


    As with every other field of digital marketing, emerging trends in technology are going to define the shape and course of email marketing and email campaign management. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, it will surely be in your interest to adopt these changes and incorporate them into your email marketing strategy.

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