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    The Importance of 'About Us' and 'Contact Us' Pages for a Website

    The Importance of 'About Us' and 'Contact Us' Pages for a Website

    In this day and age of immense internet proliferation and the ongoing social media boom, consumers are extremely wary when it comes to conducting business online or giving their personal credentials. They need reassurance before they even consider doing business with you. In such a scenario, the most important aspects of your website are probably the ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ pages.

    It is a well-known fact that when a user visits any website, the first page they see is your homepage (or a landing page). However, if they are interested in your website’s home page and want to learn more, they will visit your ‘About Us’ page next, followed by the ‘Contact Us’ page if they want to actually conduct any business with you. This is why both these pages are so vital for a good website.
    Let us try to understand the exceptional importance of these two pages one-by-one.

    The Importance of an ‘About Us’ Page for a Website

    Your ‘About Us’ page is that single and vital page which introduces you to your website visitors, informs them about what you do and hopefully builds a good rapport with them to turn them into future customers for you.


    It’s quite simple, actually. If your company website is only informing users about the products and services on offer, you are not doing justice to anyone. The fact is that people really want to know who you really are and what your business hopes to achieve. By reading your ‘About Us’ page, they can ascertain the hard facts about you, and also your business. Consequently, if they like what they see on your ‘About Us’ page, well then, you’ve just found yourself a new customer!

    Now, different websites have different ‘About Us’ pages, but there are some necessary questions that every good ‘About Us’ page should straightaway answer. These are:

    Who are you?
     What do you do?
     How do you do it?
    Where and when did you start?

    Why should I choose you over someone else offering the same thing?
    The central idea is to offer enough information to persuade your website visitors to establish a much stronger connection with you and your business.
    Ultimately, by having an ‘About Us’ page with reliable, insightful and interesting content , you will entice people to do business with you without having any fears. This fact alone can go a long way in defining the success of your enterprise.

    The Importance of an ‘Contact Us’ Page for a Website

    Now that people know about you and your business, you need to provide them with an option of contacting you if they want to. This is where your ‘Contact Us’ page comes in.


    Your ‘Contact Us’ page plays an important role in turning your website visitors you’re your customers by providing them with a place where they can find all your contact details easily. After all, what good will it do to you if someone is really interested in your products and services but isn’t able to contact you regarding the same!
    Apart from your potential customers, your ‘Contact Us’ page also allows investors and advertisers to get in touch with you, and we all know how important both these entities can be for the success of any business.
    Now, as with your ‘About Us’ page, there are some necessary components that you need to include in your ‘Contact Us’ page too. These are:

    A physical address for your organization (An integrated map showing your location and providing directions will be a bonus)
    A phone number where people can contact you anytime
    An e-mail address
    Your Skype ID

    A good website is one which transparently provides reliable information to its visitors. Both the ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ pages of your website inform your users that you are a legitimate business with trusted and verifiable credentials. Therefore, both these pages are supremely important for the success of your website and business. Ensure that both these pages have been optimized for your website, and you are sure to stand out from the sea of competitors around you!

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